NovaLine™ holographic solutions are offered from portable standardized solutions to bespoke holographic experiences of any size. We engage, inspire and measure data to ensure achievement of your specified goals.


“The holographic booth was a magnet for customers – they were queuing up to interact with it!”

NovaLine™ QSET - Quick to set-up modular holographic booths in standardized sizes suitable for any event, activation, retail or trade show. QSET booths are designed to achieve unprecedented customer engagement and leave a long-lasting impression while generating measurable results.


“Our CEO could appear at the London summit without ever having to leave the Seattle office”

NovaLine™ TELE - Ultimate holographic set-up designed for conferences, meetings and interviews. Point to point. Anywhere in the world. Created to relieve the burden of executive travel by transmitting a live personal hologram to ensure life like presence and the highest level of communication.


“It took their breath away! Everyone was instantly engaged and wanted to share their experience”

NovaLine™ BESPOKE - Mixed reality and holographic experiences crafted for unforgettable events, performances, installations and corporate presentations. Bespoke screen structures combined with spectacular visuals and interactivity, deliver engagement beyond dreams.


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