Novaline's impressive presence at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh.


Never before have we had our holograms displayed in such a grand, palatial environment, standing clear as day on beautiful marble floors, surrounded by gilt furniture and officials from over 88 different countries. Seeing our holographic experiences come to life under the light of these gigantic, dazzling chandeliers was a memorable moment for all of us.

We were commissioned to create mind-blowing holographic experiences, to unveil to visitors and future investors the sci-fi like cities of Neom, Qiddiya and Pristine - mega-cities which represent a new future for the Saudi Arabia.

To create these unique designs we used our patented NovaFabric™ screen, combined with spectacular visuals, to treat the spectators to a 3D IMAX like experience which gave visitors a tour through the cities of tomorrow.

For a large holographic installation of the city of Neom we used a triple layered set-up of the screen, creating an exciting holographic experience beyond belief. Visitors were very much impressed by the way the holograms appeared in the mid-air right in front of their eyes, and some even side stepped as holographic drones came flying towards them and as gigantic planes flew over their heads!

Quiddiya, on the other hand, featured something native and authentic to the country - a holographic, life-sized lion in a beautiful installation designed to look like a cave. The experience was one of the absolute crowd favorites. The lion was resting in a cave looking like a true king of the jungle, roaring loudly and proud. While waiting in line to come see and to interact with him, we were told by some of the spectators that they couldn’t believe that they weren’t looking at a real lion because of the smoothness of his movements and stunning likeness!

It was a great inspiration as well as an exciting challenge to create an experience of such  power and magnitude and a great project for Novaline to be involved in.