Novaline and Panasonic bring back Andre Hazes


NovaLine is proud to be able to say  that the reveal of our unique technology for displaying lifelike holograms during the four “Holland sings Hazes” concerts, was a huge success.

After four years of sold- out “Holland zingt Hazes” concerts, Stage entertainment Netherlands wanted to something extraordinary for the loyal fans and approached Novaline to help make that happen. The event producers and the Hazes family felt that a hologram of the legendary singer would be a wonderful way of celebrating the 5th edition of the concert, and we couldn’t agree more!

We know that Andre Hazes is much more than “just a singer” to the majority of the audience, so for over a year we worked on the images in close collaboration with Andre Hazes’ family and loved ones. The actor Martijn Fisher, who also played the lead role of Andre Hazes in the musical comedy “zij gelooft in mij” and the film “Bloed, zweet en tranen”, was used as a model for creating the hologram.

Photo’s and video’s from the archives also contributed as a tool to perfectly recreate all of the singers facial features and mannerisms. The producers deliberately chose to go for a  classic projection of André Hazes.

Although black can sometimes be problematic in projections, the high quality of the colours and images meant that André was able to appear in his signature black suit and black hat.

When the singer “appeared” on stage during the first concert and Friday March 17th, and performed one of his most famous songs “she believes in me”, we could tell by the reaction of the audience that we did it right.The whole crowd was excited; some were amazed and “ shocked” by the striking similarity of the hologram while others were moved to tears to “ see” their beloved singer back on stage.

Actor Martijn Fischer ; “ I was deeply impressed by the quality of the images, it was a surreal and almost magical moment when Andre Hazes hologram made it’s appearance”

The biggest challenge was to make sure that everyone in the 17,000 headed  audience would be able to see, and enjoy the projection.

By bending our unique and invisible Novafabric™ screen and integrating the  PT-RZ31KEJ Panasonic projector into the stage, we made sure that the singer had all eyes on him once more.

The Novaline screen only captures the light from the laser projector and absorbs all other light sources. So not only did the audience see a very accurate hologram, but it also allowed the fans to take pictures, videos and selfies without it having any negative effects on the quality of the projection.

We hope the audience left the venue that night with a feeling that they didn’t just see a concert, but that they truly went on a night out to remember.