Dutch pavilion stands out during the 2017 World Expo

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We are excited to announce that we’ve played a big role in making a small fish stand out in an over 113 acre pond. Out of the over 115 participating countries, the Dutch pavilion made the top 5 on the list of must-see pavilions!

At Novaline, we like to say: Environment? Yes we care! So when RVO approached us to work with them on representing Holland at the 2017 World Expo, we were thrilled.

This years theme of the expo, that took place in the beautiful city of Astana, Kazakhstan, was ‘Future Energy’. The main objective of the exhibition was to raise responsibility that promotes discussion and stimulates the development of knowledge that allows people to control the energy use of our planet and minimize damage to the environment. A subject that caused an inspiration overflow here at the Novaline office.

The Netherlands came up with the “Low Country, High Energy” theme for the pavilion, very suiting for a country with only about 50% of its land exceeding just one metre above the sea level, and from which the name literally means “lower countries”.

In a beautifully designed pavilion, with the world famous Dutch artist Mondriaan as the main artistic inspiration, the visitors were immersed in a spatial representation of the character of the Netherlands.

The pavilion and Novaline’s 3D holographic movie educated the visitors about the typical Dutch Mindset, how that mindset has driven the Dutch to innovate and discover what role the Netherlands play in the energy transition. Other topics that were addressed were issues such as: climate change, the reduction of  CO2 emissions, new forms of energy, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, energy security and energy production and storage.

While each pavilion at the Expo had their own methods on how to promote their views on these important topics, all of the participants were addressing the same issues, making it a challenge to stand out and to be remembered.

To inspire and engage the audiences we've decided to create a 3D holographic movie that left an impression on not only the visitors, (over 5 million this year) but also on the official judges of the Expo. The experience was in the top 5 must-see shows to visit and got an honorable mention for category “Best use of technology".

Here is what the judges had to say about the Dutch pavilion:

“The multi-layer holographic experience was a visual feast while strongly supporting the Expo theme. I loved the integration of the iconic Dutch elements from the entry, and their use in the presentation.”

“The 3D holographic movie in the Netherlands pavilion was the cherry on top of a Mondriaan-inspired cake. Together, they conveyed the intelligence of the Dutch and their ability to adapt to a hostile environment of floods and climate change'”

“Excellent use of holographic 3D technology, used in several layers to achieve a unique and memorable show."
“The flow in most 3D experiences is the need to wear glasses or goggles, which detracts from the experience and makes the entire thing feel overwrought. This, however, was effortless, seamless, and absolutely mesmerizing.”

The mission, making the Dutch pavilion stand out and talked about, as well as educating over 5 million expo-visitors about the important role the Netherlands plays in the energy transmission was successfully accomplished.